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2017-11-03 Trend Collection 4|17: Eclectic Dash


People have since the beginning of time felt the strong and beautiful need to express and adorn their everyday life. This longing for beauty has the fascinating side effect that entire style epochs, with all of their hopes, fears, and ideals, can be captured in contemporary aesthetics. Eclectic Dash is inspired by the most bombastic and fearless style expression of humankind.

Create truly elegant room settings with the help of stunning French panels, winding stucco moldings, detailed ornaments and chubby cherubs. The present is also represented, here to challenge and accentuate the historical aesthetics. Maximized color splashes, photo art, and edgy surfaces in a stage of captivating decay, add gutsy spontaneity to the collection.


Eclectic Dash will be available online from November 7. 

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2017-10-03 Trend Collection 3|17: Dusty Pink

The daydreamer collection 

Rebel Walls interprets, embraces and challenges the trendiest pink shade in a passionate deep dive of the color. Enjoy a highly relevant wallpaper collection that gets its inspiration from dreamy clouds, hexagons, gems and whirling marble – all wrapped in seductive pink.
Dusty Pink will be the third trend collection from Rebel Walls this year. The collection contains nine wallpaper patterns, all inspired by the up and coming pink trend. Pink is humble yet doubtless. Harmonic yet powerful. Laid-back yet constantly in the spotlight. It is fascinating how such a pleasant, soulful and self-evident color can evoke so many different emotions like the color pink does. Would you dare to go pink?


View the collection online 

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2017-08-31 New Collection #9 Home

Modern wallpaper for every room at home 

There's no place like home. Let's make it perfect! On September 5, Rebel Walls is launching its new collection book #9 Home. The collection features a selection of 30 wall murals, divided into six chapters: Enter, Eat, Relax, Work, Play and Sleep. The idea of these chapters is to help make the wallpaper selection easier, based on the room one is about to decorate.
"A wall mural can change the character in the entire room. We wanted to show this in an easy way. We have selected the most common spaces in the home where we show five wallpaper per area. We want to demonstrate how much difference a wall mural can bring, to give a room new energy." says Irene Gimmersta, CD, Rebel Walls.
View the collection online

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2017-05-30 Trend Collection 2|17: Shore & Lines

Create a timeless and relaxed interior with stripes and seaside motifs 

Rebel Walls launches four trend-based wallpaper collections annually, interpreting current trends. They have a clear theme that is being developed in line with current directions of interior design. In addition to these four, Rebel Walls also launches two collection books that are more extensive with broader designs.


Shore & Lines will be the second trend collection launched online this year, and it is in perfect timing for the summer season. This trend collection has a modern and relaxed take on the marine interior style. Inspiration is taken from the natural, seaside way of living and the style fits summerhouses as well as hotels.


View collection 

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2017-04-10 Trend Collection 1|17: Tropical Oasis

New Collection From Rebel Walls Gives Your Room A Natural Confidence 

Rebel Walls is now launching four smaller, trend based wallpaper collections where the company presents its take on current trends. Each of them has a distinct theme sourced from contemporary interior trends.

Tropical Oasis will be the first of four annual collections launched online and includes eight wall murals that can be matched to create a calm room setting with natural confidence. The collection has been inspired by the purity and simplicity of the secluded getaways of the tropics and the elegance of nature.

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2017-03-01 Exclusive Collection in Collaboration with Raimat

The Senses of Raimat Vineyard 

For the exclusive collection The Senses of Raimat Vineyard – a collaboration with the Spanish vineyard Raimat – Rebel Walls has produced six wallpaper murals inspired by the vineyard's castle, situated in the heart of Catalonia and is a visual interpretation of the vineyard's pride – the red wine Anima de Raimat as it can be experienced through our senses.


The collection will be available at and for a limited time.


View the collection 

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2017-02-02 New Collection #8 Storytime

Wallpaper murals for the young at heart 

A storybook is a gateway to another world – one in which wallpaper tastes of chocolate and bottles labeled ’drink me’ can lead to an unbelievable adventure. In the Storytime Collection there are themes and motifs inspired by both classic and contemporary stories, laced into picture perfect designs. We believe there’s no age limit on imagination – this collection is here to help you weave a bit of fairytale magic into your room, whatever your age.


To view the collection book, click here

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2016-09-05 New Collection #7 Curious


Wallpaper murals for the curious explorer  

The new collection Curious, takes inspiration from the offbeat, the vintage and the abandoned. What once was new and uniform, becomes unique, interesting and even odd; odd can be magnificent if you look closely.


Johanna Ek, Design Manager at Rebel Walls, says:


"With this collection, we recognise the curious explorers with a taste for the unconventional. Some of the motifs in this collection might at first glance appear ‘odd’ or ‘faded’; but we encourage everyone to take a second look and uncover the most extraordinary beauty in unexpected surroundings.

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2016-01-22 New Collection #6 Passion

Get a room... For your passion! 

"Passion" is an eager wallpaper collection with undoubtedly brave patterns that demand space and encourage you to do the same. 10 fictional enthusiasts – all with a hobby room of their own for creating, recreation or both – guide you around an entirely carefree cavalcade of patterns. A simple birch desk symbolize the need for a space of your own – the choice of wallpaper and props differ greatly with the different enthusiasts.


To view the collection book, click here

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2015-04-23 New Collection #5 Maps


"A map on your wall engages and calls for new conversations and perspectives. ”This is where we live, this is where we have been, and this is where we would like to travel.” To create a wider perspective of the map the design team has been working with opposites. Historically meets newly created maps, global meets local, sky and sea are represented, as well as urban and rural areas”, says Irene Gimmersta – Creative Director at Rebel Walls.


To view the collection book, click here


Create a map of your neighbourhood with our design service YOUR STREET 

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2015-01-21 New Collection #4 Spectrum


"We wanted to create a graphic and colourful collection where there was something for those who do not even like wallpapers! With its graphic language and colourful pattern, Spectrum also perfectly complements our two previous collections; Frontage, with its simplistic surfaces, and Greenhouse, with the floral theme", says Irene Gimmersta – Creative Director at Rebel Walls.


To view the collection book, click here 

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2014-09-01 New Collection #3 Greenhouse

Romantic Designs that Make the Walls Bloom 

Greenhouse is a tribute to the power and diversity of nature. It’s for the weeds that won’t stop grow, the dandelions that burst through asphalt and the thorny rose bush that refuse to be tamed. Among the 32 unique wallpaper designs we will find thriving iron gates, hand painted wild roses and floral wooden planks.


To view the collection book, click here 

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2014-03-10 Rebel Walls launches Designers Forum


"In this project we let go of control and focus on letting the designers express their own personal style", says Irene Gimmersta, Creative Director.


Since the start Rebel Walls goal has been to create unexpected wallpaper design and think outside the box. In order to stretch the boundaries of wallpaper design even further they now launch Designers Forum. The project kicks off with 48 wallpapers and 8 designers.

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2013-12-01 New Collection #2 Frontage

Rebel Walls creates the perfect backdrop for the home 

The collection Frontage (”facade”) is all about structure, surface and patina. The wallpapers can be tailored to the customer requirements both in measurement and design.


"We see a growing need for unique wallpaper designs and are often asked to create wallpaper designs with a specific design and color. With the collection Frontage we hope to help a broader audience to find their favorite wallpaper", says Irene Gimmersta, Creative Director


To view the collection book, click here 


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2013-03-08 Collection #1 is Launched


"We wanted to create something new with Rebel Walls and think outside the box.


We have been experiencing an increased need to create wallpapers in short runs for a personal decor and we are now in a position to help with fun, imaginative and unique wallpaper" explains the owners, Irene and Christofer, third generation of the Gimmersta wallpaper family 


To view the collection book, click here 

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2012-12-11 A new Rebel is about to be born


Rebel Walls takes you behind the scenes from the start. In the pre-launch blog you can see how the brand takes shape, the factory is built and how the wallpaper patterns are designed.  


Founders Irene and Christofer Gimmersta says about the new wallpaper brand:


"To be a rebel is not an end in itself but rather a must. When you wish for something that not yet exist, you have to create it yourself. We have chosen to use our experience in a new wallpaper company that thinks outside the box and give you the tools to make a difference on your terms".  

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