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An easy way to redecorate your home

Decorated wall murals began with cavemen recording their hunting process, and important tribal events, with sketched or painted murals on cave walls. With civilisation's spread northward, tapestries replaced wall paintings. While these expensive products give bleak rooms a bit of colour, they also kept rooms warm. Unfortunately, only the wealthy could afford such luxury. The average household needed a cheaper option, so Flemish craftsmen started stamping small squares of paper, then colouring them by hand. As their popularity grew, the small squares became the paper panels now known as wallpaper. 

Photo Wall Murals


Bring colour and creativity with Rebel Walls photo wall murals

Today, Rebel Walls computerized, digital printers produce vibrant, high-definition colours, without the pattern and colour limits of traditional wallpaper production. With a bank of 12 million textures, patterns and images - sorted by style, you can choose the best wallpaper for your rooms. Rebel Walls offers more than rich colours and crisp textures. You can also choose from their selection of photo wallpaper. Gaze at a beach without getting sand in your sheets, or transport guests with images of the Eiffel Tower or London Bridge. Rebel Walls stunning photo wall murals add substance to accent walls, spark conversation and energize creativity.

Make your favourite photo, drawing or art work a dramatic accent, in any room, as a photo wall mural. Just upload your photo, approve its preview then place your order. Your custom design arrives a week later. Optical illusions can give your rooms a lift, or make them feel larger, so consider a full wall mural of brick, distressed wood, stone or any of the other digital, surface patterned murals. Easier than painting and cheaper than replacing the wall, these murals patterns are seamlessly repeated and realistic. The wallpaper once ordered is delivered according to the chosen option.


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