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ABC Swedish - Poster

A Poster for Today

Spelling Bees promote literacy in a fun and competitive way, conducted throughout the world they are encouraging children and adults alike to improve their skills. The ABC for the Swedish Bee Poster is more than just a display of the Swedish alphabet; it is a piece of art in its own right. Look at the beautiful hand drawn ink and watercolour letters, all creatively designed with wild flowers.


Posters are an inexpensive way of placing art in your home. This wall art is attractive, informative and can be displayed in cafes or restaurants; in the home placed in hallways, kitchens and bedrooms. Wherever you place it, this poster will attract attention and interest.

57,00 EUR
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50 cm x 70 cm
Premium Silk 150g/m2

ABC for the Swedish Bee Poster, Communication through the Alphabet


We talk to each other in many different ways using all of our senses, we can hear communication in sound, we can feel communication by touch and we can see communication. How can we see communication? Via art, books, signs and posters. Early language developed through symbols, like the hieroglyphics of Egypt and the Aztecs, and then because of history’s wonderful habit of development we arrive at alphabets. Alphabets contain the characters that display the sounds we make or read. If you look, all over the world you will find the different symbols that make up that particular alphabet.

Take a look at our ABC for the Swedish Bee Poster and you will see the additional letters that make up the Swedish alphabet, the use of wildflowers and herbs to display the characters add to the interest of this beguiling poster. A gentle colour display that will work with most colour schemes, ABC for the Swedish Bee poster is perfect for your home. Thinking more than one would be a good idea? Have a look at our Botanica collection for similar styles. Look in our delivery time and options for information on free worldwide UPS delivery.



Do you want it as a wall mural look here! 


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