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Christmas tree - Poster

Bring the Magic of Winter to Life

Winter has always been popular in interior design. Winter brings sharp lines of contrast and subtle muted colours to the silently brooding nature around us. It’s a time of tranquility and rest before the frenzy of new activity in spring. What could be more symbolic of this magical time in nature and the home, than the magnificent Christmas tree?


But a Christmas tree is not just for the holidays, long before Christianity was established they held a special meaning for our ancestors who believed they would keep away illness and evil supernatural forces because they were evergreen. Our Christmas tree poster combines all the magic of its traditional associations with a touch of sophistication that we think discerning customers will appreciate.

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50 cm x 70 cm
Premium Silk 150g/m2

The Christmas Tree Poster Breathes New Life into Your Home


The Christmas tree poster is a beautiful black and white photo of a fir gently dusted with a mist of snow. It manages to appear completely realistic and natural, and yet beautifully contrasts with the stark white background. The poster is simple and sophisticated, and much like an evergreen, it would look good year-round in your home or business place. Firs are native to much of the northern hemisphere, and because they keep their leaves year-round, an acre of fir trees satisfies the daily oxygen requirements of eighteen people. Similarly, this poster could provide a breath of fresh air to your living space or office.

The black and white industrial colour bring a tasteful simplicity to the poster, that would be lost if it was a traditionally decorated tree, consequently much depth can be found in the minimalist graphics. The Christmas tree poster is 50x70cm and comes with two metal clips for hanging on the wall, and would compliment the selection of winter murals in our wallpapers collection. Check our delivery time & options for more information.


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