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Redécouvrez le gris avec cette catégorie qui est loin d’être terne. Des papiers peints lumineux en nuances de gris. Des effets de matières simulant un mur en béton, des fines lattes de bois, un mur de pierres. Une catégorie qui joue sur la lumière et les contrastes pour donner à votre pièce une nouvelle dimension.
Le Dusk Colors n'est pas votre style? Cherchez votre décoration murale depuis l'accueil.
Dusk Colors


Bring the style and sophistication to your décor with Rebel Walls collection

The monochrome effect makes it a perfect backdrop for most rooms. Not dull and lifeless grey but grey textured that is classic and sophisticated. You can find city wallpapers and floral murals alongside abstract and geometric designs. Grey designs for walls allow you to be creative with your accessories bringing and changing the colours to suit your mood and budget whilst reflecting your personality. Rebels Walls grey mural patterns will also appeal to the minimalist in you, with its subdued presentation relaxing and comforting

More inclined to edgy urban chic; then there is plenty to please you in this collection from Rebel Walls. Imagine our Stone Apple or Rubber Stamp grey mural designs bringing graffiti art to your wall, add some steam punks by using Cogwheels, the options are endless. Never boring, our dusk colours wallpaper offers you an extensive range of styles that will compliment most interior design settings either for home or work. Our design service is available to help your create the perfect styled design that suits you.


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