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Papiers peints noir et blanc, effet graphique garanti. Des jeux de typographie, des effets de gravure, des dessins de ville ou des motifs géométriques, en noir et blanc, tous les thèmes apporteront une personnalité forte à votre mur.
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Bring the good old times back with these classic throwback wallpapers for your home

The pencil shading effect and the black branches of a tree in the backdrop. Classic isn’t it? The designs you can work out with black and white are in numerous. It also gives a classy look contrasting each other in the perfect way. You can find many designs at Rebel Walls. Another fact is white reflects the most and your room will look much brighter. All the designs in our collection are good for both home and office. Just picture the intricacies of black and white florigami in your office giving it the suave look. In numerous designs and categories are there for you to choose from. You will love how beautiful it looks.

The black or white wallpaper can bring the nostalgia in your dining space where you have your grandparents’ photos in grayscale. You can also design your reading room with your favourite scenes in black and white. Our designers can work out with you to make a design just made for you. The delivery is free with UPS right at your doorsteps.


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