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Apportez une bouffée d’oxygène dans votre décoration d’intérieur avec les papiers peints de cette catégorie. Des couleurs nature qui sentent le printemps. Une catégorie qui se décline en verts lumineux et doux bruns. Une ambiance et une atmosphère qui conviennent parfaitement à des pièces lumineuses et aérée où il fait bon vivre !
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Greenfield Colors


Blend in the outdoor feel of a lush forest with these catchy designs

The colour green in many shades; the lush green forest, the light green bamboo shoots and the transparent green leaves. A flower preparing to bloom, or vintage radios mixed with the right graphic design, makes your home look and feel like a palace from another dimension. You can choose from a wide variety. Just take a plunge in the natural colours and enjoy the subtle color shades. The digitally illustrated wallpapers will blend with the color of your home.

These shades will show different aspects of your home. They are scientifically proven to have a positive energy, and can liven up your mood. If you are an amateur designer and have designed your own home then you can take professional help from us. Our representative can help choose you the right design for you. The delivery is free on your order, right to your home. If you like to buy the traditional way from a store you can find our resellers here.


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