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Des papiers peints aux couleurs chaudes. Des teintes de rouge basque, de brun, de jaune d’oranger. Des couleurs de roches argileuses et des photos de canions. Des couleurs de coucher de soleil et de pétales de roses. Cette catégorie nous réchauffe et crée une ambiance confortable.
Le Habanero Colors n'est pas votre style? Cherchez votre décoration murale depuis l'accueil.
Habanero Colors


The Rebel Walls fiery solution to your decorating woes

Rebel Walls Habanero colours wallpaper is easy to get. If you choose the online route, all you have to do is choose your favourite Rebel Walls designs online, and pay with a mode that is most comfortable to you. You have the option of paying either by PayPal, MasterCard, or VISA. Do not worry, all your payments are handled by secure service providers. Next, you choose a delivery option that is most comfortable to you. However, remember that the delivery time largely depends on the country you are ordering to and takes about 3 to 5 days. Did we forget to mention that you benefit from free shipping via UPS freight worldwide?

When purchasing a Rebel Walls Habanero colours, red and yellow wallpaper, you get a high quality non-woven paper reinforced nylon fibres that make your wallpaper stable. You also get an adhesive attached to your purchase that makes the installation of your wallpaper that much easier. Rebel Walls wallpaper is created in accordance with EN ISO 11925-2 fire rating standard for wallpaper. Apart from offering warm colours for living room, Rebel Walls red floral wallpaper is also lightfast and will hold its colour for a long time to come. The wallpaper also has two waves of washability, a feature that makes them best for installations where you normal dirt is likely to occur. You can check instructions for hanging the wallpaper for better results.


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