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Des couleurs de la ville, et de l’urbanisme. L’acier, le bleu et le gris dominent avec le rouge et le blanc. Des papiers peints pour une décoration murale de loft inspirée par les grandes villes : New-York, Londres, Las Vegas.
Le Urban Colors n'est pas votre style? Cherchez votre décoration murale depuis l'accueil.
Urban Colors


Experiment with the different themes and change how you perceive your home.

So, what can you do with urban colours wallpaper like blue and white wallpaper, or even a vibrant cloud mural wallpaper? Here are a few fun and cool ideas you can try out in your home with wallpaper. Who is your favourite sports team? If you watched the Super Bowl, you might notice something the Seahawks and the Patriots have in common – they both have blue as predominant team colours. By getting some blue and white wallpaper, you can easily do a sports theme. You'll just have to pick the right shade of blue. This is great if you want to purchase wallpaper to create a colourful cloud mural. For your baby's room, for a bathroom, or even to lighten up a closed-in den, clouds are a great way to go. And that's only the tip of the iceberg. You can find all types of mural designs with wallpaper.

Bright, sunny, and sure to put you in a good mood, you can also choose a Mediterranean theme for your home with some blue and white from our urban colours wallpaper collection. A room themed with a little Greek flare transforms a little space into a wide, airy space that's very appealing and welcoming. You can even go a little old-world Moscow or American with red and white wallpaper as well. One of the best aspects about any type of wallpaper, red, white wallpaper and any other bright or bold urban colours you like is that the material comes prefabricated from the factory, so you don't have to be overly artistic to create a cool design. You just have to follow installation instructions. If you want to create different themes and murals with paint, you're going to need a lot of materials, tons of stencils, and true artistic ability. But by choosing urban colours wallpaper for your themes and murals, you simply have to choose the right wallpaper and order. You can find all order info on our site.


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