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Hanging Instruction Mural Wallpaper


Turn life to art with Wallpaper Photo

Murals are the oldest forms of artistic expression, often incorporating the artistic and architectural elements of the structure into the mural itself. Starting in 30,000 B.C. until present day we have come a long way with this traditional use of art in your home. Wallpaper was one of the ways that people beginning in modern times attempted to open up smaller living spaces; this has given way for graffiti and other forms of urbanized expression being brought into our private homes. The enveloping art of the wallpaper has been utilized in architecture across the world, and now the contemporary mural wallpaper can help you dictate your personal style and help illuminate the world you live in.

Wallpaper Photo


Revolutionising interior design with Wallpaper Photo

Photography has continued to create new forms of artistry over the last 100 years showing us that a picture is much more than an image. A beautiful wallpaper photo of the Eiffel Tower can take you back to a romantic evening, a moonlight stroll, maybe even the night of a proposal! A meandering forest path can take your mind on a journey through nature over a relaxing cup of coffee. Evocative imagery of places takes us on travels in our mind, gives us thought for the day, and conversation over dinner.

With wallpaper photo from Rebel Walls you can create the perfect mood for every room in your house. These photos are art in themselves and add theatre and imagery to your home. You can chose from one of our great photos, or if you have a photo you love why not make it truly shine and create a wall mural with your image. Or utilise our design services to make a collage of your travels, perhaps arranged among a global map. Either way you no longer have to settle for a few standard photos adorning your walls, when you could turn a family portrait into a real attraction in the kitchen.

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